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Why am I limited to only 12 images per request?

Due to the number of image requests we receive, we have placed a 12-image limit in an effort to streamline our fulfillment. In addition, we have had past inquiries that have abused this service by requesting excessively large numbers of photos. We feel that using this online library will allow writers and publishers to narrow down their search and borrow ample images from which they can make their final decisions.

How long does it take before my image request is processed?

Image requests normally take anywhere from 1-4 business days to be processed. This depends also on the time of year. We typically have a rise in photo requests during the early spring and fall months. While we will work to accommodate your deadlines, image requests are fulfilled on a "first come-first served" basis.

I'm looking for photos that have a resolution of 300 dpi. You say your images are 300 ppi. Is there a difference?

The term "DPI" has caused some confusion as it has been used to refer to the general resolution and size of a digital image, when, in fact, DPI (dots per inch) is the unit that measures the resolution of a printer. "PPI" (pixels per inch) refers to the resolution of a digital image.

How large are your photos?

Sizes may vary, but typically our photos are available at a size of approximately 5x7. This seems to be acceptable to the general media and accommodates our storage needs.

Are your images available in other formats besides JPEG?

No. Due to storage space issues, images are only available in JPEG format. Images are not available in TIFF or EPS formats.

How will I receive my images?

Your images can either be e-mailed to you or burned onto a CD and sent via U.S. Mail. Unless you specifically ask to have your images burned to CD, we will automatically e-mail them. As e-mail servers vary when it comes to how larger-sized messages are handled, we will normally send a series of e-mails, each with 3 or 4 images attached.

Once I obtain images from the Division of Travel and Tourism Development, am I free to use them elsewhere?

No. When we send you photos, we are granting you one-time use rights and only in non-commercial editorial pieces that promote New Hampshire as a visitor destination. Please contact our office if you wish to re-use any photos.

What is the cost of using this service?

We provide images to the media as a courtesy and free of charge. We only ask that you provide proper photo credit (you will receive documentation) and send us one (1) copy of the publication in which the photo appears.

Why do you prohibit the use of your images on web sites?

This policy was implemented at the request of a number of our participating photographers. Although there currently are technologies available that can digitally watermark images, track image use and make it more difficult to copy photos from the internet, there still is nothing to completely prevent someone from capturing an image off the web and using it elsewhere. Essentially, if you can see it, you can capture it. Until there are technologies in place that prevent image theft, or our photographers feel differently, we will not loan images for website use. The Division of Travel and Tourism Development is committed to protecting the livelihood of our photographers.